Nokia Lumia 920

Testimonial film for Nokia Lumia 920

Outdoor Design

Nokia Lumia 920 features City Lens that shows all the restaurants, cafes and the place that you’re looking for. To show this, I designed an outdoor that shows the places in the location.

2013 A Awards Winner

Agency: Manajans/JWT
Client: Nokia

#Outdoor #A Awards

Nokia Lumia 520

TVC for Nokia Lumia 520.

Nokia Lumia 620

Print ad and TVC for Nokia Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 720

Print ad for Nokia 720.


Nokia Lumia 720 is the thinnest of the Lumia series. To show this, I designed the thinnest outdoor ad at the side of a billboard.

Nokia Lumia 925

TVC for Nokia Lumia 925.

Agency: Manajans/JWT
Client: Nokia

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